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    Vietnam Helicopter Tours

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    Solid Military Green

    Welcome to 'the Suck', man. For the United States, the ground war in Vietnam began in March of '65 with 3,500 Marines landing near Da Nang, South Vietnam. In reality, however, much of the war was fought not from the ground, but from the air. Long referred to as the "Helicopter War," the conflict in Vietnam saw 12,000 U.S. helicopters fly 2 million missions and amass some 7.5 million hours in the skies above the dense jungles of Southeast Asia. It comes as no surprise then that the average American soldier serving his one-year tour of duty spent much of that tour not in Vietnam, but above it. Well over half--nearly 7,000--of the 12,000 helicopters deployed were Bell HU-1 Iroquois, better known as "Hueys" after their original designation of HU-1. To this day, these choppers are widely recognized as iconic symbols of the Vietnam War.

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    Vietnam Helicopter Tours
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