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    Washington River Cruises

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    Solid Midnight Navy

    On the night of December 25th, 1776, George Washington secretly led a column of Continental Army troops across the icy Delaware River. This operation was the first move in a surprise attack on Hessian forces (German auxiliaries in the service of Britain) in Trenton, New Jersey which was to take place on the morning of the 26th. Despite significant logistical challenges and the extreme danger of the crossing, Washington successfully surprised and attacked the Hessians quartered at Trenton. When Washington recrossed the river with his troops, he brought back plundered war supplies and some 1,000 prisoners. The victory had a marked effect on morale; soldiers celebrated the victory, Washington's role as a leader was secured, and Congress gained renewed enthusiasm for the revolution.

    • Detailed front piece
    • 100% ringspun cotton
    • Pre-shrunk
    • Premium fit
    Washington River Cruises
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